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Indulge in completely legal, USA-grown hemp-based THC, CBD, & Amanita treats, arriving directly at your door.

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    Let Mom Sleep products come straight from the gentle arms of the hemp plant, which is like the cannabis plant’s legal, laid-back cousin. This means we can bundle up your favorites and send them directly to your doorstep, all above-board and federal-law friendly. Plus, we've got a little sprinkle of THC magic in various doses to perfectly match your vibe.

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    Dive into delight with our charming trio of gummies: CBD for calm, THC for a gentle buzz, and Amanita for dreamy depths. Perfect for floating into relaxation, embarking on a soft trip, or whisking away to dreamland. Each bite is a ticket to your very own tailored wonderland!

  • Non-Edible Options

    Discover the enchantment of wellness with our CBD/THC tincture or CBD pain cream. The tincture blends serenity and joy in each drop, while the cream offers a soothing touch for tired muscles.

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Our ingredients are hand-picked from quaint, family-owned farms across the USA, ensuring each element is as homegrown and authentic as it gets. Each product is manufactured in Connecticut.

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Mushroom Chocolates are not vegan.


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How is this legal?

In a nutshell, what we offer starts off as cannabis but lands in the cozy category of hemp by law, making it completely above board on a federal level. This neat little detail means we can send our goodies right to your doorstep. And just so you know, our range has a bit of everything.

How do you ship?

All packages are shipped crazy fast via UPS or USPS Priority Mail.

Where do I start?

Start with our THC Chill Gummy Bears or try everything! More about us here.

Wholesale requests

We would love to work with you! Visit us here and we'll be in touch!